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About Us

Co-founders Jesse and Eric Jacobs have long dreamed of opening their own hospitality business. Three years apart in age, the brothers both attended Boston University and earned degrees in Hospitality Administration; Jesse moved back to New York after graduation and Eric followed suit a few years later.

The brothers’ first professional collaboration was at Gerber Group—Jesse was managing Lex Bar at the St. Giles Hotel and brought Eric on board to run promotions. Impressed by their synergy, Gerber Group tapped the duo to open the recently renovated nightclub, Lilium at the W Union Square. Following a successful launch, Eric was promoted to general manager at the Roof at the Viceroy Hotel, while Jesse became regional general manager for all of Gerber Group’s properties at the W Union Square Hotel.

In 2017, Eric & Jesse created Fashioned Hospitality.

Having grown up just outside of New York City, Jesse and Eric are devoted New York sports fans–throughout their 20s, they spent many hours at New York sports bars and high-end cocktail bars. In 2019, they set out to merge the two, set as a speakeasy, with the opening of J.Bespoke.

Fashioned Hospitality's second concept, The Boardroom, unveiled in September 2023. Situated at the base of the 601 Lexington, The Boardroom is a refined cocktail lounge hidden within Midtown Manhattan’s upscale food hall, The Hugh. In celebration of Manhattan’s legendary work hard, play hard energy, The Boardroom will be the destination for cocktailing and gathering for coworkers, clients, and CEO's alike.